Research & Development

Since 1973 EuroTec have strived for excellence in all products and R&D is the key to this approach. With control over principle aspects of design held at our UK Head office and Asia Pacific facilities, continual research and development into new and updated technologies, materials etc. is closely monitored.

Solid objective design is important but EuroTec also take into account the subjective effects. Knowing how a loudspeaker will interact with the surrounding environment is essential to the performance of a system. In-situ measuring is important but subjective analysis is crucial. euroTec undertake these tasks, backed with the experience of integrating speakers in to some of the most challenging situations. FMEA assessments are carried out.

As with food, tastes for audio performance vary across global geographical regions. We know the importance of understanding the target market, regional variations and preferences. This is instilled into a design from concept where products can be tailored to a specific market, or developed into a globally acceptable ‘commodity’.

We specialise in providing audio-related peripherals to customers’ requirements for all areas of the market. In-vehicle sound analysis – using the MLSSA and CLIO systems – allows EuroTec to tailor systems to suit the application, using the customer’s chosen radio/head unit. We often work together with the head unit supplier. Independent in-vehicle comparison of head unit amplifiers can be carried out to help with decision making.